“”Our Story””

Zolti Creations does, indeed have an interesting story behind it.  I’ll start my story in Venice CA, where I learned to make the incense. I, Zoltan Ling found myself living at a backpackers hostel in Venice Beach after traveling from Whistler BC on my way to write my memoirs in Baja Mexico (which I never did).  I was introduced to the concept of making incense by a character named Steve Bonk (and he was a character).

My first thought was “you can’t make a living selling something for only a dollar” (that is the retail price down there).  I was talked into the venture however,  and eventually was selling them wholesale to stores as well as competing with the 15-20 other incense vendors on the beach (Venice use to be the roller skating capital of California, but it’s now the incense capital).  I did this part-time for a while, supplementing it with doing tours from a backpackers hostel where I met lots of interesting people form may different places.  After the hostel closed down I went on tour part-time with the Grateful Dead on the west coast as well as to New Orleans for Mardi-Gras and Jazz fest and Daytona Beach for Spring Break where I sold the incense and pipes.  After a number of years of these sales funding my travels I returned to Canada where I started manufacturing and selling incense as a full-fledged business. I invested $1000.00 in incense supplies to get started, knowing that even if it didn’t go over as well as expected I could turn over a profit but I didn’t  look back…..

I purchased a motor home from my Dad at, well, lets just say a father-to-son price, giving me a home for the summer and way to get around the lower-mainland to sell my incense to various stores.  As I was on income assistance, I enrolled in to the Van City Peer Lending Program in which, Van City Bank lends $1000.00 to a small business person to either supplement an operating business or to get a business up and running.

And here we are today operating as Zolti Creations freshly made incense.

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