My store has what I believe to be one of the best selections of incense. It was all tested by us so customers know they are getting great quality. We now burn Zolti Creations Incense exclusively in the store. We used to rotate the companies and varieties but the store has become associated with that ‘sweet smell’. We carry all the best lines of incense and Zolti Creations outsells every single brand hands down. At least 10 to 1. Thank you Zoltan for doing what you do and being the best at it!!

Erin, Dragon Horse Feng Shui, Sidney, BC


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Sidney, BC V8L3A4


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"Hello". Thank-you for hand creating your wonderful Dragon's Blood incense. I enjoy the light fragrance
and I use it daily. I live/reside in Saancich Peninsula area, Vancouver Island, and have been purchasing 
it for 2  years from Dragon Horse Feng Shui Store in Sidney. 
Linda A.Daniel


As acertified aromatherapist, I’m a smell snob, and I am only pleased by the highest and purest quality of oils and scents I have to say that Zolti Creation’s Incense instantly overcame my learned discrimination against other scents.  I was instantly pleased to have my objections overcome so easily. Zolti’s Incense is Naturally Wonderful!! I buy lots!!!

Magan Grace

Cert. Aromatherapist